Keme, noble Native American, didn’t think his life could get any worse until he is turned into a windigo—a malevolent creature from Algonquin folklore with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Remorse over his first kill prompts Keme to end his miserable life. The unsuccessful attempt frees Arthur, the first and last victim ensnared in the windigo’s internal soul-cache, and they switch places. Two souls, one body, what could go wrong?

Arthur relishes his new windigo skill-set and intends to exact revenge on Nathanial, the man responsible for ruining his previous life. But eating Nathanial is too easy; Arthur wants to play with his food first. He wants payback and sets out to systematically destroy everything Nathanial holds dear.

Arthur is captivated with Loretta, Nathanial’s daughter, but Keme is in love. After a whirlwind marriage, Loretta realizes her husband is made up of two diametrically opposed beings. She’s too late to help her father, but not herself. Loretta outsmarts Arthur and Keme, once again, seizes control. This time Keme’s end-game succeeds. Or does it?