The Ghost haunting Karlee Davis is tormented by both a repressed memory and unfinished business. Karlee loses her job and finds work in a small coastal community setting up a weekly newspaper. The new location jogs the Ghost’s memory and triggers visions of the past. Soon Karlee realizes something isn’t right—remembrances that should put the Ghost at ease agitate and upset her.

A severe storm brings Cole Maxwell, the landlord and owner of Karlee’s condo, off the water and inside. He and Karlee share their accommodation while repairs are completed on his boat. Cole’s interest in Karlee makes him hyper vigilant and it doesn’t take long before he discovers the Ghost, especially its violent temper.

The more Karlee learns about the Ghost’s background, the less certain she is of her own—her entire life has been based on a cacophony of lies. On the day of reckoning, everyone involved reunites where it all began—on a cliff on the threshold of the ocean. All Karlee has to do is trust her instincts to find a peaceful ever after…that is, once she exorcises the dark creature who’s been manipulating the Ghost all along…