Susan Dante, struggling attorney, has spent her entire life championing the underdog. A practice she refuses to give up after she lands a job at Lucas and Devine, a prestigious law firm in Boston’s Beacon Hill. Working twelve-hour days, she prepares and serves the paperwork on her latest cause, a copyright dispute with Torrence Publishing.

Aiden Torrence is determined to return the family-owned independent to solvency after his late uncle’s debilitating tenure. Susan’s spunk impresses Aiden. He promises restitution and delegates the task to a long-standing business associate who, unknown to him, has been possessed by a malevolent creature.

Aiden and Susan become involved in a whirlwind romance and once they are formally engaged everything takes a drastic turn when she slaps him with a class-action law suit—an epic battle that results in loss of life and a startling discovery.