Julia Connelly moves to Boothbay Harbour and is appointed office manager of New England Air­­, on assignment to reorganize her father’s flailing air transport business. Her father is recuperating from surgery and the lingering effects of a broken heart. His girlfriend and secretary left months ago, in the middle of the night, afraid for her life.

Sloan Picard, Special Forces sniper on medical leave, procures a job as a NEA pilot to protect his sister (Julia’s father’s disappearing secretary) from harm. In no time, Sloan determines NEA has more than a DC3 full of financial trouble and suspects they’re flying illegal contraband into the States from South America.

Sloan and Julia’s mutual attraction proves too strong to resist and after an emergency landing in the Cessna, he enlists her help. They fly the DC3 from Maine’s rugged coast to the jungles of Peru where they discover NEA is not being used to smuggle anything. Their main client’s export business is legit, his other business isn’t—his high-end fantasy service manages even the deadliest mistake for a fee—knowledge that turns these savvy hunters into the hunted when a price is placed on their heads.