NSA Cryptologist, Ivory Dubois, is distraught when the admiral, her only father figure, is murdered. After she receives classified DoD documents the admiral mailed on the day he died, her life turns sideways. The package contains a top-secret report on the Bio-Ergonomic Enhancement (BEE) program; a report that must be placed in the hands of the President of the United States.

Rigg Mathers is ex-military and one of BEE’s latest subjects—part of an elite force of highly specialized soldiers—­a man who can hear a pin drop over a mile away. After the program mentors lives are threatened, he knows someone has falsified the previous BEE report.

Ivory joins forces with Rigg to determine who wants this highly experimental program mainstreamed. A race against time, they have five days to get the real BEE report to the President, in Martha’s Vineyard, before the veto window closes. All Ivory and Rigg have to do is invade the offices of the Pentagon, the NSA, and the Hart Senate Building—lofty endeavors that make falling in love acts of treason…