Actress Skye Andrews catapults off the stage and into the real world jammed with more drama than her Broadway performances. Her pragmatic nature made her question the eccentric ramblings of Aunt Bessie, a soothsaying Sibyl, who said their lives were entwined. Once Bessie passes, Skye travels to the UK to fulfill her executor’s duties; burying her aunt’s ashes and deciphering a journal written in an archaic script. Soon Skye believes those wild claims­­ when Bessie’s arcane brooch unlocks the journal and acts like a looking glass drawing parallels and illuminating a bunch of unexplained accidents throughout Skye’s career—under the journal’s microscope it’s obvious they aren’t random.

She runs into a snag trying to inter Bessie’s ashes. Skye requires official approval to open the lair and add another inscription to the family headstone that already has two. Captain Jet Dalry, a wounded war vet recuperating from a near-fatal accident will make the final decision. Despite their mutual attraction he doubts his manhood and declares he doesn’t want to be loved. He holds himself responsible for a subordinate’s death and is haunted by the past and what might have been.

With the brooches powers running out, every glimpse into the journal affords more information about Skye’s past and soon she uses her wiles to manipulate fate and the future by saving the enigmatic Jet from both martyrdom and a psychotic, gun-toting fan with an obsession.