Aliesa Atworth, Boston University’s brilliant stem-cell biochemist is continually pandering for money to fund her stem-cell-fountain-of-youth research. After the most recent meeting she finds her laboratory in ruins.

Elliot Vance’s war on drugs began after his kid sister died of a drug overdose. When he learns his estranged grandfather is a South American cartel kingpin, Van quits the DEA and strikes out on his own. He heads to Boston after a supplier under his surveillance couriers Aliesa a shipment of cocaine and discovers her assistant murdered wearing her lab coat. Van pulls strings and takes Aliesa into protective custody to identify those responsible. His personal vendetta leads them back to South America on a wild goose chase, where they must escape the clutches of his grandfather’s cartel.

Soon it becomes obvious this case has never been about cocaine—it’s about Aliesa’s research. Her financial backer, a fortune-five-hundred pharmaceutical conglomerate will lose millions if her research renders their current cancer treatments obsolete…and Panacea’s CEO will stop at nothing to suppress it…